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Fixed appliance- straight wire

Following the orthopedic phase, in most cases straight wire therapy is required to level,align and rotate teeth as necessary in order to get a more aesthetic result.

We favour the new technology DELTA FORCE brackets because it helps us cut treatment time by up to 50%. 

The DELTA FORCE™ Bracket System incorporates a unique design that allows the orthodontic practitioner the ability to control the friction between the archwire, bracket and elastic ligature. By varying the ligature placement, the doctor more fully controls his method of sliding mechanics. Friction can be easily increased or decreased to facilitate the doctor's treatment plan.

Quick Facts:

  • Single-piece, state-of-the-art MIM process brackets.
  • Incorporates unique design.
  • Allows you to control friction between archwire, bracket and elastic ligature.
  • Control method of sliding mechanics by varying ligature placement.
  • Friction easily increased or decreased.

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